Monday, May 15, 2017

This week was kind of a weird one but good too.
Our district leader is one of the missionaries in the other companionship here and they had district leader training this week so he had to go down to malaga. So his companion was with us Wednesday and Thursday. It was pretty interesting because we were running back and forth between our two areas for two days. The other elder, Moore is really new to the mission so he really doesn't speak or understand hardly any Spanish yet. So it was interesting trying to teach their investigators that I didn't know much about. It was fun though and it was kind of cool that I was able to understand everything perfectly and be able to lead the lessons. 

My companion and I have been focusing on helping the members in the branch get involved with us. So this week we started a 21 day plan thing some members in Elche shared with me. Its been pretty fun getting to know the members here and listening to each one of their stories. Oh yeah and we also ate what was so far the nastiest thing for me on the mission. It was literally a solid 2 inches thick slab of pig fat, literally there was no real meat on it. The guy told us it was the neck part of a pig. It was disgusting, just about threw up 😂

On Saturday we had to get up at 5:30 to catch the 6:30 bus to Sevilla. We went out there and had interviews with president. They were really short this time but went really well. It was also kind of fun for me because during the interviews we practice teaching his wife different little lessons in English. This time I got assigned to translate for the native companionships. It was a challenge because I'm starting to forget a lot of English words and a lot of the types of sayings they use don't have a direct translation. It was a cool opportunity though! 

Shout out to the Madison's who came through town on Saturday. Unfortunately I wasn't there because I had to be in Sevilla for the day. The branch president here and his family were able to meet with them though and loved it. Thanks for the gift :)

Oh yeah I also got to give a talk in church yesterday. It was about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was pretty cool to give a talk without using a ton of notes for the first time. I've relied on the gift of tongues a lot throughout the mission and especially to be able to give that talk yesterday.

Last but definitely not least, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers out there, (especially to mine, the best one 😘) got to Skype home yesterday! Super fun talking to Dad in Spanish and seeing all of them. So crazy how fast Levi and Emmett are growing up! 
Love you guys! 

Well that's about it. Thanks for the emails, have a great week! :)
Love you guys 💙

- Elder Childers 


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