Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hello from Badajoz!

Hello from Badajoz!

Well this place is pretty cool, first time I have seen real grass since the MTC! Even then though it's basically just fields of crab grass I wouldn't dare walking on it barefoot. It is nice to have some greenery around though. Its weird that it's so much greener on this side of the country because it is wayyyy hotter here. I was worried about the summer in Elche, well here it's a lot hotter... going to die haha. 

The bus ride to here was 13 hours long! So that was pretty rough, I had to switch busses 4 times. So I won the award for longest traveler this transfer, literally went from one side of the country to the other. I left Elche at 8:30 AM and didn't arrive here until 11 PM... long day! 

Anyways yeah so after the full day of traveling I finally arrived here in Badajoz! My new comp is awesome, he's from.... BOISE IDAHO! Yeah so we are idahomies :) Elder Balukoff . This is his 4th transfer in the mission so I'm senior comp now. He still is at that point where he can't really communicate much so it's really pushing me to improve my Spanish. It's good for both of us though. It's been pretty fun these past few days trying to figure it all out. 
When I first got to the piso it was a wreck, there was so much junk just piled up in every room and the place looked like it hadn't been cleaned in about a year. So we took a few hours to really deep clean it. The bathtub was the worst part. I wish I had taken pictures before I cleaned it up. It was like nasty brown green color and mold growing down the whole wall and on the faucet. I got some steel wool and just went at it. Found out the bathtub really was white :) anyways now the place looks brand new 👍🏾

The branch here is pretty cool though I think I'm going to like it. It's just going to take a little getting used to coming from Elche where there was 2 wards to here where there are just like 25-30 active members. It's cool though, the members I have met so far are all really great. I already got assigned to give a talk this next Sunday so that'll be cool.

Today for P-day we walked out to the Portugal border, it was kinda cool. Pretty funny it's basically like going from one state to another in America. No border patrol, nothing just a sign. Pretty cool how close we are though, we just walked out to it. 

Well that's about it, love y'all!

- Elder Childers 
On the border between Spain and Portugal!

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