Friday, May 5, 2017

April 3, 2017 Goodbyes, Giraffes and General Conference

Okay this week has been super packed with stuff. One of the most busy of my mission. 

First off we tried to call President to get permission to use the bikes here but he said no because the roads are too dangerous... bummer haha 
We have still been working hard taking flyers around all over the city for English conversations classes. We are starting to see some success, we have gotten a few calls and a couple of new people coming to the class which is cool! 

We also got invited to an English school a guy runs out of his home and helped him talking to his students it was pretty fun. The teachers name was Jesus and he is obsessed with Glen Beck, I'm pretty sure he has every book, video, cd and anything else Glen Beck has ever made. Pretty cool guy though. 

Sports this week were pretty cool too. We started our own basketball game saturday mornings. We invite all the young guys we see in the street every day just like we do for soccer. This was the first week of basketball and we had 3 guys show up. They are all coming again and bringing friends next week so that'll be cool. They are all really more open to our message after a good game of fútbol or basketball! This week a new guy showed up at soccer. He is from Lithuania, he lived in New York for 6 months though illegally haha so he can speak pretty good English. He had lots of cool stories from there too haha. Oh and his name is really cool, Vaijah.

Thursday I finally got around to getting my permanent retainer taken care of. Its been broken for like 2 months now and I was finally fed up with it so we went around and checked out a couple of different dentists. The first one said they couldn't do it and  the second wanted to charge 100€ just to take it out! So finally we went and found this little sketchy one that was a converted piso on the second floor of an apartment building. They took it out for 30€ haha so that was a good deal. It was one of the scarier experiences of my life though. First of all the lady looked like she was 17 and second of all she was just going crazy with the drill in my mouth while water was spraying all over my face 😂😂 but it all turned out alright in the end, I think haha. 

Oh yeah and while we were standing in the street looking for dentists this crazy old  lady from the other ward comes up and starts telling us about her mission. Then as she's leaving she walks up to the door next to us and rings all 20 doorbells at the same time. Then she's just like "that's how the mission is" and walks off leaving us to deal with all the angry people on the other side of the intercoms hahahah

Friday was Monica Palominos 50th birthday so we went over to surprise her. They had a mariachi band so that's was super cool. The younger guy in the band was from Nicaragua and was super cool. He is going to come to soccer with us this next week! 

Everyone left these past few days, Benjamin left back to Columbia Sunday morning and the Palominos left back to Ecuador this morning. Sad to see them all go but the time I've had to get to know these guys was the best! 

Last but not least! General Conference. We got up Sunday morning to go to the church and walked out of our piso to find out all of the roads are closed on our side of the city for a marathon! So we ended it having to make the 40 minute walk to the church and got there just as it was starting. It was kind of cool to see all the marathoners though. Anyways it's such an awesome thing as a missionary to watch conference, I think just because we share basically the same message as they are so it applies even more. I thought it was interesting the two main topics were overcoming the world and obtaining charity the pure love of Christ. The two things that I am learning most on the mission. We watched the first session in Spanish then decided it was just too much to be trying to focus and takes notes at the same time so we had them help us get a broadcast in English for the rest. We were able to watch the Priesthood session, all of Saturday and the first half of Sunday. The last session we have to watch on our own time over the next couple of weeks. 

After conference thought we had a miracle phone call. So we just started yesterday night just calling all of the contacts that are in our phone. There are like 200. So we call like the third name, Angie, and a lady picks up. She starts yelling at us "How so you have this phone number?" "When did you meet with my sister?" "This is completely absurd." I'm just like "Hey calm down we are just missionaries, I'm from the United States, we are just here sharing a message about Jesus Christ, we aren't forcing anybody we just offer his message to people because it had blessed our lives and we want that for others......." yada yada. Then the response I didn't expect at all -"Okay so how does this work, when can we meet?" Conversation completely turned around. She is bringing her family and we are all meeting in the church on Tuesday to teach them! 
Yeah so that that was the miracle for the week! 

For P day we went to a zoo here in Elche. It wasn't much but we did have a cool experience with this giraffe that was like reaching its head over the wall to each food out of these little kids hands. It was pretty cool we got right up and personal with it. 

Well love you guys have a great week! 
¡Hasta la próxima! 🙂

- Elder Childers 

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