Friday, May 5, 2017

April 17th, 2017 Semana Santa (looks like KKK!)

Well this week has been pretty good. I'm exhausted though haha I feel like we have been going non-stop. 

First off we had our interviews with president this week. This interview was really different but I liked it a lot. Instead of just talking a whole lot about a certain topic or just about the area it was more just like a friendly conversation. We talked about our families, things going on back in Idaho like the new temple announced in Pocatello and the Meridian one that's going to be dedicated this year. Woot woot! :) Anyways yeah it was just really chill, he told me he was proud of the changes he has seen in me and that he is impressed with all the things I have done here in Elche. Oh yeah he also asked if I was considering running for Mayor here since I've been here 6 months now haha. He said its almost certain I will be transferred in two weeks. 

Okay so here's a kind of funny and a little bit awkward story. So the first day here for my new comp I contacted this black lady named Jane on the street. Turned out she speaks English. So anyways we finally had gotten a cita with her last week so we went and it all went really well and we set a return appointment for this week. So we went back this week and taught her and her 3 kids the restoration. The lesson went super great and at the end we invited her to be baptized. She's like "oh yeah, I was already baptized in your church 13 years ago." Hahaha I'm like whatttt? Haha she's not on our ward records or anything cause she moved and never notified anyone. Anyways though it's really great we were able to find her because none of her children have had the opportunity to hear the gospel. So we will see what comes of all of it over the next few weeks!

Oh yeah so this week here was the Semana Santa which is like super scary haha. It's basically the whole week the people parade the streets for the death of Jesus. They march in these big parades with these scary costumes on that look like the KKK. It's honestly really creepy haha anyways yeah you'll have to look it up on the internet to see what I'm talking about because I wasn't able to get any pictures. 

One other cool thing we decided to do this week was make cookies for our neighbors. We took them to them and told them that it is a custom to take a treat to new neighbors haha so we told them now we are officially neighbors. It was really cool though, they were all super surprised because like most people don't even know their neighbors here which is weird because they live like 5 feet from each other. We have 3 families who live on the 5th floor of our building with us. This week we are going to take some more for the people on the sixth and fourth floor too. Anyways we got one teaching visit from it and the other neighbors made us a Spanish tortilla for lunch one day! 

To finish off the week with a bang we had stake conference. It was super powerful. Our stake president here is a beast. He speaks with so much power and shares so many cool experiences. He just got back from his mission like 12 years ago so he's a really young guy. 

For P-day today we climbed up Mount Pikachu for my second time. It was pretty fun, Joseph came with us. Now for the rest of the day today we have a ward activity because it's another holiday. Día de la Mona, I've asked like 30 people what it's for and nobody knows. I swear they just make up random holidays here to have an excuse to not go to work. There is literally a holiday almost every week!

Well that's about all! Miss and love you all a ton! Praying for all of you, especially those being affected by the flooding in Boise right now. Hope all is well! 

- Elder Childers 

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