Friday, May 5, 2017

April 24, 2017 Cookie Deliveries and Patience

Well I'm going to try to keep this email short and sweet.

So first of all this week for district meeting I was assigned to give a workshop on patience, it was a good subject for me to study because I struggle with it a veces. During my preparation I realized that there are two different types of patience that usually co-exist. Patience with your surroundings and patience with yourself. This transfer I have learned a lot about both from having this companion. Anyways what I figured out is that through patience, real self control, you can find peace in any situation. It's really hard sometimes but if you really focus on it and trust in the lord everything  will work out. You just have to remember it's on his time, not yours. You can't expect yourself to change into a perfect person or a perfect missionary overnight. That's unrealistic, so you also have to be careful when judging others. Some just take longer to figure things out. 

Also this week we had the opportunity to teach Joseph with the old mission president of Argentina! It was pretty cool but also a little bit nerve racking for me haha. The lesson went great thought, one of the coolest teaching experiences so far. 

We have continued with the cookies this week. Also made the famous family recipe rice pudding haha and everyone loved it. We've made like 300 total now mini cookies and delivered them to like everyone we know. It's pretty funny people don't know what to do when you give them cookies like that haha we've had tons of them try to pay us. People here just don't expect little acts of service like that, interesting. 

We also were able to have intercambios this week. It was nice to be able to work with some other people for a couple days. I got to go work with Elder Erickson and Liza. It was really cool, learned a lot and saw some new places. Funny story, Erickson and I are teaching this guy on a bench in the park and this drunk guy just walks up and starts peeing on the wall like right next to us.. there sure are a lot of crazies in

So we have found multiple things in the street these past few weeks. First of all the keys, then this week first a nice Samsung phone then later on a baby bag with their wallet keys and other important documents. With the phone we were able to call the guys wife and return it that way. For the baby bag luckily it had a package in it from China of a selfie stick haha anyways so we used that address to find the house and returned it along with cookies :) pretty cool they were all so great up we were the ones that found them. 

Today for P- day we climbed a massive mountain with an awesome view of the sea and all the surrounding cities. It was pretty awesome. Well that's about all. 
Love you guys! 

- Elder Childers 

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