Monday, January 16, 2017

Jan 16, 2017 Slow week

Well this week has been pretty basic, nothing really exciting happened. The work is pretty slow right now. We had a couple of lessons with Jesika, we are just going through all of the discussions again after her baptism. She remembers most of it pretty well. But this time it's cool because we get to answer more questions and explain a little more in depth. Everybody has been asking about her at church because she wasn't able to come the past two sundays, first because she had work and second because she went out of town for her moms birthday. So this week she was really excited to finally be able to come again. But of course satan swooped in and stopped that. Saturday night they were at their grandparents house and her son Juan who is like 3 or 4 ate a bunch of his grandpa's pills! So they ended up having to spend the night in the hospital getting his stomach pumped out and making sure he was going to be okay! Its been crazy the trials she has had to go through the past few weeks. First losing her job, her parents being so against her getting baptized, her boyfriend coming in and destroying all of her stuff. Those are just a few of the many things. Its cool that she has been able to keep her faith though and stay strong through all of it. 

Santi our one investigator who was actually progressing has kind of disappeared these past two weeks. I don't know if I have explained his situation before, in case I haven't I will right now. Santi is 13 years old. Elder Llavina and Hammond taught him before I came here. He was like a golden investigator, super interested in learning about the church and was reading and praying to know it was true. He got his answer after just a few weeks and decided he wanted to be baptized. When he went to ask his parents his Mom was alright with it but his Dad said no because he thought it was all just too soon. Anyways so that kind of killed his spirits and excitement for getting baptized. He still was taking lessons from us but his Dad never changed his mind. We tried to stop by three times this week but he was never home. His mom was there once but she said he had gone out with friends for the night. His phone also got broken so we have no way of getting a hold of him. Anyways please just pray for him and his family. Hopefully one day his fathers heart will be softened and they will let him be baptized.

Yesterday after church we went to the Palominos because it was the oldest daughter, Evelyn's birthday. It was super fun my comp and I learned how to cook the shrimp in a papaya pan. Turns out Evelyn's husband served his mission in BOISE, IDAHO!!! Woohoo haha so we spent like the whole time talking about that haha he served in the BSU area and his picture is on the wall at Big Juds for the one pound hamburger challenge! Anyways yeah it was cool, I never thought I would meet a spaniard who knew Idaho, no one here even knows where it is. Im just like, yeah its north of California. All they know is Miami, New York and Los Angeles haha.

Today for P day we just went shopping. Its my comps last Rebajas in his mission so he's just buying a bunch of suits and clothes. Its cool how sales here are actually like sales. He got a really nice suit today for only 65 Euros! Plus they have nice pants for 10-15 Rows like 70% off haha. Anyways yeah hope you all are enjoying the cold and snow there. We are sweating like crazy right now in this heat, I'm scared for the summer 😅 Love you alll! Have an awesome week!! 

Elder Childers 

Jan 9, 2017 SNOWWW

Lol jk no snow here 😂
Well not much has happened here this week. At the moment we don't have any progressing investigators. Santi was doing good last week but then he just disappeared off the face of the earth. 

Anyways so we have just been meeting with our recent converts this week.
On Monday night we were having a family home evening at the Palominos with Jesika. While she was there her ex boyfriend broke into her piso, found all her pamphlets and the Book of Mormon and tore them to bits. It actually looks like he took a knife the the book because there is a hole though the hard cover all the way through the pages. It was pretty crazy! Luckily she had brought her nice new triple with her to the lesson so he didn't get to that. 

My new comp Elder Beckstrom and I get along pretty well. We both have been pretty sick this whole week though so that hasn't been super fun haha. Hopefully we will get over whatever we both have this week. 

Oh yeah also this week we had Three Kings Day, which is like bigger than Christmas for everyone here. There was a big parade that passed by the main road by our piso so we went and saw that. We ran into lots of members and they gave us roasted chestnuts haha it was my first time trying one, they were pretty good.  

That's pretty much everything that's happened this week haha nothin too exciting. 

The big sales were this week so we all got new suits. Discounts here are like crazy, everything just instantly goes 50% off so that's pretty sweet! 

Anyways love you all! Have a great week! 
Love, Elder Childers

Jan 2, 2017 Feliz Año Nuevo

Happy New Year! 

Well this week has been crazy, I honestly don't think there's such thing as a "normal week" in the mission. Stuff is always changing and weird things are always happening. 

This week especially was crazy though Tuesday we had the tri-zone Christmas conference with a talent show and everything. My district did a life nativity and I was baby Jesus haha. Then Wednesday was transfers! Elder Llavina finished his mission and went home. It was super sad to have to say goodbye to him. He had become like my brother and my best friend in the mission. So he left at 9 in the morning and my new comp was coming from the other side of the country and wouldn't be here till 8 that night so I got to stick around with the other elders all day. Anyways so the first few days with my new comp were rough, it was crazy having to take all the calls with my mediocre Spanish and teaching him everything about the area was tough! Especially since I've only been here 6 weeks myself! Things are starting so smooth out now and go well, luckily since Elder Llavina served here for 7 months he had lots of good member friends and families he introduced me to that I have as help now 👍🏾 New Years yesterday was also super fun. We had a little fiesta at the Palominos then at midnight there is a tradition here in Spain where you eat a grape on every ding of the clock tower and make a wish, it's actually kind of challenging but fun haha 
Anyways I hope everyone had a good New Years and made some good goals for the upcoming year! 
Favorite talk of the week: Agency and Anger, Lynn G. Robbins April 1998
Love you guys!

Elder Childers 💙🎉