Friday, May 5, 2017

May 1, 2017 Off to Badajoz! Goodbyes

Well first things first! We got the transfer calls yesterday, I'm going to Badajoz! Its all the way over on the other side of the country, my new piso is 5 minutes from the border of Portugal! Yeah so that's pretty crazy. My new comp is Elder Balukoff, he's pretty new in the mission so nobody I have talked to knows him. So I guess it will be a surprise to see how he is. Excited to see some new places but not excited for packing my bags and the 13 hour bus ride... 

Anyways this week has been pretty good here in Elche. We've gotten a ton of stuff done. We helped with 3 different moves, found 9 new investigators and taught a ton of lessons. We have literally been going non-stop. It all started off pretty good with free waffles. One of our investigators is Colombian and her family owns a waffle shop here so she invited us to come have waffles for breakfast. They were soooo good! They had this filling stuff that was like gooey cookie dough 😋 Oh yeah and we also ate two large meals back to back and I almost died from it haha. So we are at the Garcia's eating lunch and the sister missionaries called us like 4 times so I decided I better answer it thinking it was an emergency or something. Turns out some people in the other ward had invited the other elders over to lunch but they were in Alicante. So the lady was like, the food is already done so you guys just come right now while it's still warm. So we literally sprint all the way across the city to get to their house then they load up our plates like a mountain of food, then we have to sprint to our next appointment. I just about died I was cramping so bad hahaha

Later on in the week we did lots of service with the moves and helped Fransais with the construction stuff. Poor guy had a renter who broke into his tool room the other night, stole a bunch of his machines like his electric saws, welder and sanders. Took them out and sold them in the street and bought a bunch of alcohol/drugs. He is a super cool guy though he said if we come back we can stay in his house however long we like and they will feed us and everything. 

Last night was Jacobs farewell/open house. It was really cool, he is going to serve in Córdoba, Argentina. It was also perfect cause the whole ward was there so I got all my goodbye pictures too :) Today for P day we are here at the church playing fútbol and volleyball with Jacob and all his friends.
Anyways that's about all! Love you guys! 

- Elder Childers 

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