Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017 Summertime

Okay I'm going to make this one short and sweet cause writing emails feels like such a chore now haha.

This week we finally found some service to do, we helped an old investigator named Fransuah organize the top floor of his building. This guy has a four story piso that he has been remodeling for the past 10 years. It has 10 rooms that he rents out to random people. Its actually really cool and he has put a ton of work into it. Its by far the nicest building I have seen here in Spain. Still that's not saying much though. The thing I've learned about Spain is that it's a first-world country on the outside but on the inside it's third-world. They are really good at faking it though haha. Anyways so this guy has been remodeling this place and using the top floor for all the building materials. Tiles, sand, concrete, random furniture he's found on the street, you name it. So we came and moved everything around. It was a good workout lifting all the concrete mix and sand bags. 30 minutes a day without any weights just doesn't quite cut it, I'm getting weak 😂 yeah but it was fun and he told us all sorts of funny story's.

Oh yeah there was also a riot thing in the street this week because the students here want more vacation days. I don't know why though there is already like at least one holiday per month here 😂 and their school starts at 8:30 and goes till 1:30, ridiculous...

Thursday we had a bbq for Diana Palominos birthday, it was pretty fun. She turned 20 and I was thinking like wow that's so old, then I realized I'll be that age in 4 months. I don't want to grow up 😭 while we were there though a water pipe right next to us just like burst. Hernan and us tried to fix it forever but couldn't get it to stop, soaking wet we finally gave up and just called the police to figure it out haha.

Friday and Saturday we had intercambios in Elda this week. It was pretty cool I got to teach this awesome Colombian family. Its cool to hear all of these peoples different story's of coming to Spain. Always really interesting, this country is a mixing pot we have met people from almost every part of the world.

This whole week has been super hot, it's crazy it feels like a switch flipped. Like a week or so ago we were wearing jackets for the mornings and after it got dark. Now during that time it feels like the middle of summer 😅 I'm scared for actual summer. Going to die haha

Well anyways that's about all. Today it's pouring rain so we can't really do anything for P day outside. We are just hanging out at the mall.
Love you all!

- Elder Childers

March 6, 2017 Andretti Jr.

This week has been packed full. First of all we had Zone Conference, it was interesting and I learned a lot but realllyyyy long haha. There's just a point after like the first 4 hours when your focus just goes 😂 the meeting started at 10:30 pm and ended at 6:00 pm we had an hour break for lunch but the food just made me more tired haha. Basically it was about focusing our efforts on the youth because they are a lot more receptive to us.

Other than that let's see... we had an activity this week with the ward. It was supposed to be super awesome and we had invited tons of people. It was part investigators and also just a free meal for any people who are in need. So we basically invited every homeless person we saw. In Spain I'm pretty sure that's like 10% of the population, they are everywhere! Anyways so the day finally arrived for the activity and.... IT RAINED :( when it rains in Spain, nobody goes out.. so only a handful of people ended up coming... that was a bummer. I especially felt really bad for our stake mission leader because he had put so much work into it.

Recently my comp and I have been focusing on trying to find service. Its hard here because there isn't a whole lot you can do for service. We've passed by a lot of organizations but they don't really want our help. We did find a guy here though that is restoring a building by himself, he has been working on it for the past 10 years! Anyways so we set a time to come back this week and help him for an hour or so. I'm super excited for that!

Okay I'll explain the pictures real quick,

The big leg is a ham leg, it is like a big delicacy in Spain, they range from seventy to the thousands of euros, its like aged wine haha so basically how they make it is just take a raw meat leg and stick it in salt, then leave it there for 1-10 years! The people here think it is like the best thing ever. I just think it tastes like salt haha anyways so we ate that at Jose and Encarnis house along with a lot of other typical Spanish food like the potato tortilla.

The other pictures just the train on the way to zone meeting, soccer on Thursday nights here at the chapel then the go karts we did today for p-day because it was one of the Elders Birthday. It was super fun and I won by a lot hahaha (got all my speedy driving skills from Terri Andretti Childers.) thanks mom 😘

Well love you guys! Have a good week :)

- Elder Childers