Friday, May 5, 2017

March 27, 2017 Hello from the palm tree capital of Europe!

Well it's been an interesting week 

First of all before Elder Yates left we went by Fransuah's, the guy who we helped organize his construction stuff, and they made us a Paella. It was a seafood one with tons of squids and other weird seafood things in it. It didn't taste super bad but just wayyyy salty. Its cool to see how much they have changed just from our service though. When I first went by his house in December with Elder Llavina he was like, go away. Now after helping him with so much stuff they treat us like family. They told us that when we come back to Spain we can stay there in one of the rooms or two if we bring family or friends for as long as we want for free. They also said if we need anything, like anything to call them that we are like their nephews now haha. Pretty cool how people just take you in as family. 

On Thursday my new comp got here. His name is Elder Hildebrandt.  He's an interesting guy haha. He reminds me of Elder Kalhoon from the Best Two Years. That's basically his personality. He is from Utah and has been out for a year and a half. He speaks only Spanish 24/7. I think he started trying to learn the more complicated parts of the language two early though because he still struggles with just the basic conjugations and stuff it's weird. The other day we were teaching Jesika and she told him he needed to practice his Spanish more so he could speak like me. I felt really good about my Spanish but also really bad for him. I don't know he's just a little different I'm just trying to be really patient and just go with his flow. He really is a good guy we just have different personalities. Part of the mission experience though is learning how to get along and work with other people thought, im sure I'll be grateful for what I learn from him someday. At least he's like in the way that he likes to be clean, so our piso is absolutely spotless now. 

We were at the church the other night and we met this member who was a Spanish teacher in Utah for 3 years. He is going back there this summer to teach again. Anyways he was full of great ideas for us. First of all we learned about these bikes that are all over Elche. They cost 3€ a month. Basically there are stations all over the city and you have 30 mins to ride the bike then leave it at another station. But you can use them as many times as you want a day. Its awesome, way better than the 27€  bus card and we will get to be outside. I'm excited! 
He also had a great idea for our English classes. Basically we changed it now so instead of teaching English basics we are going to offer conversation clases. Basic classes just draw more members and we really can't teach that well. What we can do though is talk. Most of the people at colleges stores and hospitals here need to be able to speak English. They know the vocabulary but they don't know how to talk well. So we have been going around to all the points of interest and posting flyers. We are excited to see how it turns out. 

Yeah other than that not much, we had a little Zone Conference about the new Easter video, its awesome, but we don't actually get it till the 31st. 
Then today we just went out to a turf field and played spikeball, two hand touch footaball (with a rugby ball) and a game of soccer with all the missionaries and Joseph and his brother Adrian. It was pretty fun but really hot and exhausting haha. 
Joseph is going to watch conference with us this week so that'll be cool! 

Love you guys! 

- Elder Childers 

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