Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July 17, 2017 - Fried Rice

Dear Mom and Dad, 

Hey first off thanks so much for sending the fried rice recipe. I got the email from you this morning and it sounded really good so we came home and made it for lunch. DELICIOSO!!! Y super fácil! We were going to make the Hawaiian haystacks this past week but we could not find cream of chicken soup anywhere. I don't think canned soup exists here... any thoughts on a replacement for that? I know its kinda like the main ingredient soo... idk haha. 
Anyways this week has been a bit slow. Mostly cause its been really hot here. As a result of the heat here everyone does like a reverse hibernation. They just try to spent the whole summer asleep in their piso. We can call people at 11 am or at 8 pm same result always asleep, its ridiculous. Also another crazy thing, everyone here has "summer vacation" basically they all just go take a month and a half off work. Businesses just completely close up its weird. Its just hard cause the time when everyone starts coming out is just an hour or so before we have to be. Also whenever we do go and try to contact people in their homes or call them they are almost always angry cause we've woken them up haha its like well its not my fault you sleep 14 out of the 24 hours in a day! And they wonder why this country has so many social and economical problems.. Well anyways this week we have just been trying to find some investigators. We found one new guy named Vicente on the street but when we passed by his house his wife answered and said he had left on vacation with some friends and would be back the first week of August so that'll have to wait. Like I said things are pretty slow right now cause no one really has ganas to do anything. What else happened.. well we had our last district meeting up in Cáceres because it was the Gibsons (the senior missionaries in our district) last week in the mission. So from now on they will be here in Badajoz every week. For the last one though she made us pulled pork sandwiches and cupcakes for mine and Elder Nye's birthdays. Normally our bus back home leaves at 2:45 so we left at the usual time and got there at about 2:40 to find out he bus had left at 2:30 just 10 minutes earlier because they had started the new summer schedule this week and we didn't know about it. Anyways so we got stuck up in Cáceres for a solid 4 hours which wasn't terrible just had some extra studies in the bus station. 
This week we also started trying to work with some of the young men in the branch. There are 3 and our branch president wants them to come with us and do like a mini mission just during the day. Since we have a new rule that no one can come in our piso except for other missionaries we planned out to meet him at the church and do studies and stuff there but he never showed up. Turns out he had lost his phone the day before and never got our last text confirming the time. This week we plan on doing it again though so that should be fun. 
I think thats pretty much about it. We started up the push up challenge again this week which has been fun. I decided to step it up a notch this time and do 75 every morning and night so 150 a day. Maybe in a week or so ill kick it up to 200 we'll see haha. 
We also cleaned our piso up super well and moved the beds into the main room so now we'll have air conditioning at night cause its started getting too hot to sleep. We'll see how that goes. It'll be nice to have a room with some floor space to work out in now. 
This upcoming Sunday we will get transfer calls, unless I end up training then president would call on Saturday. Everyone seems pretty dead set that I will train so I'm kind of nervous about that. I think it might be kind of fun but stressful and hard at the same time. I'm excited for transfers but not haha its been really fun with Elder Balukoff we get along super well. On the other had though its good to have different companions because I grow and learn so much from each and every one.
I miss you guys a lot. I hope everything is going good there. I love seeing all the pictures each week and hearing about what you are all up to. Excited to hear about you guys headed off to trek. That was a fun experience it'll be cool to see what Zach gets out of it. Make sure to take tons of pictures! 
I've been going super hard on my scripture study lately, took up Tori's challenge to read the BOM in 50 days. I just got to the part in Alma where it talks about Moroni and Teancum and their special ops missions haha. I love this part so hard to put it down :)
Fun to think back on our family scripture studies when we read these parts. 
Well I love and miss you guys a ton! Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do for me. Thanks for encouraging me to serve a mission. It is no doubt the  most challenging thing I have ever done in my life but also the greatest learning and growing experience. Thanks for the support and prayers. 
I love you the mostest toastest!
 Your son,

Elder Childers 

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