Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017 - Fingernail, Fútbol, and Portuguese

Hi everyone we'll this week was super busy a lot happened. First off our district meeting happened to fall on the 4th and our whole district is American here so we had a fun 4th of July themed meeting. It was pretty cool and a fun little way to celebrate. Afterwards we had the Elders from Cáceres stay here in Badajoz to do intercambios.

During our intercambios we saw some really awesome miracles. 
The first afternoon I went out to work with Elder Rich. We went by a lot of people but the citas we had fixed failed us so we ended up knocking doors and contacting people. During our conversation a less active in our branch came up she had moved here to Badajoz directly from the ward in Malaga where Elder Rich had been serving. She is about 60 years old and struggles with Spanish. Since she got here we have not had very much contact with her she had come to church about two times but didn't have interest in meeting with us. Anyways so I tried to call her to see if she had just a few minutes that we could pass by to see Elder Rich but she didn't answer. We decided to send her a text just so she could see what we wanted. Just about a minute after the text was sent she called back and said to meet her in a park. We got there sat down on a bench and Elder Rich asked how she was liking Badajoz. She said she wasn't enjoying it much because she didn't feel like she had many friends or people to talk to in Portuguese (she is from Brazil). Just in that moment out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of the family from Brazil in our branch. So I waved for them to come over and we sat down with all of them there and shared a little message. They became good friends with her and having Elder Rich there with me helped us break the ice a little bit and gain a better relationship with her. A few days later she showed up to our English class then on Sunday to church! It was awesome to see how the lord put everything perfectly in place to have Elder Rich there with me that day. Then meet in that very park then have the other members come through at just the right moment. It was a great miracle! 
Elder Balukoff and Elder Stephenson also had a cool miracle happen. They went and knocked a door and right when it opened the people's dog took off running across the road and they started freaking out. Elder Balukoff and Stephenson were able to capture it and because of it the family allowed them in to teach them. They received the message well and we have a return cita this week! 

Straight off of those intercambios we went to Sevilla the next day to have ours with the Zone Leaders. They were pretty cool I learned a lot and we had some really powerful lessons. 

Now this was the more painful part of the week. So we went to play soccer with some of the guys in our branch on Friday night. As we were playing the last goal of the game I had the ball and was running up when out of nowhere Elder Nye came in from the side and I just got knocked to the ground. Somehow in the collision his foot came around and landed right on my finger. The impact hurt quite a bit but I just thought it was like a little jammed till I stood up and looked at it. My fingernail was bent up and back then the nail had creased and the arc of it was inside out. It was super nasty and stung really bad. So we headed to a members house and tried to clean it out as good as we could then proceeded to try to get it to flip back. We tried for a while but it hurt super bad and we didn't have any hemostats or anything so the members just wanted to take me to the hospital. We called the mission president's wife and she was like yeah definitely go to the hospital. So we got there, this hospital which is apparently pretty new was like super ghetto and sketchy, end up waiting for about an hour till they finally would see me. I walked in and this old doctor guy just took a huge bottle of iodine doused it then just started yanking on it until it finally flipped back and popped into place. It was rough haha I tried to ask him to numb it but he's like nahhh you're fine. (Yeah so free health care isn't all that great mom) I was so mad hahaha but yeah we didn't end up getting back to piso till like 12:30. It was rough.. 

Well yeah so that's about all... hope y'all enjoyed. Have a great week! 

- Elder Childers 

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