Monday, August 28, 2017

August 14, 2017 Coincidence or miracle

Alright well not a ton happened this week basically just the norm but there are a few main points I will share. 
First off earlier in the week we did a little service project with the ym in our branch and cleaned/organized the storage room here. It was a complete disaster because stuff has just been piled up there for like the past 8 years since they moved into this building. So yeah you can see the included photos it was a pretty good change and it made the branch president really happy. Reminded me of organizing our garage all the time back home haha kinda fun like a little puzzle finding little places for everything.

Secondly we had our zone conference in Sevilla. This time it was really cool because president and his wife did their talk together and this time they made it more of a discussion in english. So it was alot more personable and interactive. They shared a bunch of stuff they learned from the mission president training that happened this year. I guess they got to watch a lot of the sessions because they posted the videos online for them. The focus this time was studying the lessons in chapter 3 of preach my gospel enough where they basically become apart of you. They really want us to know and understand the doctrine of Christ so that we are able to share it easily using our own words. At the end they showed us the beginning of Bruce R. McConkie's final talk just 9 days before he dies called "The Purifying Power of Gethsemane" their main focus was how at the beginning he talks about how the words he has read in the bible, book of mormon and other scriptures and the words he has studied from other prophets have been engrained into him and because he has felt the spirit testify to him personally of their truthfulness they are his own words. When we got home from conference I watched the rest of the talk and boy it was powerful! I would like to invite all of you to take the time to watch it or read it yourselves haha I finished watching it then later that day to watch it again because it was so good. 

Okay last of all another one of those cool little things that happens to us as missionaries that some people think are just coincidences but they happen way to often for that to be. Saturday night we were going up to play soccer with some guys in our branch and some of their friends and we somehow got confused and got on the wrong city bus. So it at least gets us a little bit closer but we are still a pretty long ways away because it kind of took us out at an angle. Anyways so we are going to be late so we decide to run. As we are running up the road we see this older guy walking down some stairs next to a building in this alley and right then he falls and rolls a ways down. So immediately we turn and sprint over there and he is pretty out of it just in a lot of pain. We are able to help him and wave down this nurse guy to come over. It was pretty lucky that we would have been there running through that little alleyway just at the moment he fell. It was kind of tucked up back out of sight where likely no one would have found him for quite a while. Its always just cool to have those random little experiences though where we just look at each other and we are like "Well now we know why we got on the wrong bus." Or now we know why we decided to walk his way today." Just cool little miracles that you have to be looking out for or you might miss em.!  


Alright last of all just a fun little video I wanted to share with you that our little branch activity had as part of the message. Its a short little animated video by pixar called Piper. Hopefully you can find it on youtube or something. It is just a fun little video about how sometimes problems and challenges seem really big but it isn't until we are right in the middle of them, sometimes literally buried under them like the little bird in the video. That we open our eyes and begin to see the experience and knowledge we are gaining. Well just watch the video and you'll understand more, its a little hard to explain writing but yeah its really good :)

Well love you all tons! Have a great week! 

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