Monday, August 28, 2017

August 7, 2017 Peeing Fire

Well I'll start off by explaining the subject line of this email. Soo we get back to our Piso Thursday afternoon. I'm in the kitchen making lunch when all the sudden I just hear ahhhhhhh!! come from the bathroom. Turns out my comp Elder Cobbley got a urinary infection hahaha. So luckily we had our interviews with president that night and he talked to the mission doctor who called us the next morning. "Good Morning Elder Cobbley. So I hear you are peeing fire..?" Haha it was pretty hilarious not gonna lie, the poor kid was on the verge of crying every time he went pee. Its all good now though. The doctor told us what antibiotic we needed and said that it does require a prescription but that they have a bad habit of just giving out whatever drugs here. He said to go to 3 different pharmacies and try to get it and if they didn't give it to us he could send us an emailed prescription later. So off we went to the pharmacists. The first one we went to I asked for the medicine the guys looked at eachother said "Doesn't this need a prescription?" I said "oh I just got off the phone with my doctor he said this is what I need." Then he just goes "oh you just talked to your doctor, alright" went to the back pulled it out of the cabinet and gave it to me. So that was easy hahaha Spain. 

Cool so what else happened this week. Well we met a crazy new guy. He invited us into his house then went off for an hour about how when he was in the army back in the day they didn't give them a change of pajamas or let them wash them for 7 months so they all smelled terrible and got invaded by tons of mosquitos. So he ended up with this crazy recurring  desease where his feet swell up super big and his lungs too. He got out of breath super fast just talking to us and his feet were massive it was crazy! It was cool to talk to him though and hear some of his story. His name is Pedro. 

Another funny story, so I was just going through this list of peoples names we have and calling them all to see if they were still interested in meeting with the missionaries. I call up this guy named Kevin and he's like yeah I live right by your church and I'm actually passing by right now. So we head over there and no one.. so I call him back, it rings and rings n rings then gets to his voice message. "Que Dios te bendiga soy Jesucristo, deja tu mensaje." (God bless you, I am Jesus Christ, leave a message.) so that was super weird hahaha

Oh yeah other kinda crazy/painful/ funny thing. So my comp was bedridden for a morning because he felt super sick from the infection. So I started cleaning up the piso a bit and decide to try to change some burnt out light bulbs with some I found in the drawer. So I turn off the power go up change it then go and when I turn the power back on there's just this big boom from the light switch on the wall. It like exploded on the inside. So the lights are stuck turned on over our table, the ones by our beds are stuck turned off and the switch is broken. So that was kind of a bummer, then later that night I go to try to turn the light because it is like a swivel on and I touch the casing and just get shocked super bad by the 220V electricity here and almost fall of the chair. Oh and on top of that now these lights wont turn on.. so now we are without lights in half of our piso.. we are going to have to call the dueño later today and try to figure that one out haha.

Today our branch president took us out to this super cool castle and then to a big bridge that got bombed in the war here years ago. It was pretty awesome. I put all of the photos on the icloud so enjoy! It would stink pretty bad to be a soldier back in those days. They poured boiling oil off the towers on the people trying to get in. They also had super cool architectural acoustics in this one meeting room so that they could eavesdrop in on the other private conversations in the corner. You could stand in one corner of the room but your face right up to the wall and talk super quietly and the people on the other side would hear it clear as day it was sweet! They also had this "bathroom" for the guard tower that faced toward Portugal haha "TOMA PORTUGAL!" It was pretty funny good times :)

Training my new comp is going really good. Its been fun studying preach my gospel with him. This week we went over a bunch of the points on how to begin teaching and created little hand symbols to remember them it was fun haha. Tonight he is getting the ultimate lesson, I'm gonna teach him how to cut his own hair 👌🏾 should be pretty easy for him because its so curly he basically just sheers it like a sheep haha. 

Well good times, sorry for such a long letter this week but I hope ya'll enjoy it and the photos! Love y'all 💙💙

- Elder Childers 

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