Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June 12, 2017 HOT

Nine Months!!

Hello everyone,

Well not a ton of stuff happened this week so I'm just going to keep
this one short.
We had another really good lesson with Godwin our investigator from
Nigeria in the end he said he would come to church but he didn't show
up. We tried to find him a ride because his house is a 45 minute walk
from here but the only few people with cars didn't have space or
couldn't for some other reason... He is a really awesome guy though.
Like the majority of the people here right now he has been out of work
for the past 10 months. So we are also looking our to find him work.
Its crazy how bad the economic situation is here. We were taking to a
guy yesterday in the branch about the crisis that happened here a few
years ago and it's crazy. Even now about half of the houses in the
town this guy lives in (Cerro Gordo) are vacant.
The best thing this week that happened was yesterday. We had a noche
misional, basically just like a family night with everyone. So we
assigned one person with a message and others with games, treats,
musical number, etc. It turned out super good we had about the same
amount of people who come to church show up! It was pretty fun and
everyone else seemed to enjoy it a lot too.
We also got transfer calls yesterday morning. Its crazy that 6 weeks
have already gone by since I got here. I will be staying here another
transfer with the same comp, Elder Balukoff. I'm happy about it, we
get along really well.
Just out here in the heat haha its supposed to hit 106 today. 😅
Everyone is like "oh this is nothin, summer hasn't even started
yet"..... 🔥🔥
Well love you guys, have a great week :)

- Elder Childers

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