Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June 5, 2017 Columbians and Rainbows

¡Hola a todos!

Well this week started off kind of funny haha. So Monday afternoon we went and played soccer with some guys we met last week that just randomly called and invited us. So we are there just talking with some of the guys while the others were still playing and we noticed that they all had their legs shaved. Thought it was kind of weird so I decided to ask. They told us "yeah of course we have our legs shaved, everyone shaves there legs here in the summer.. its so much cooler that way" Anyways so I'm sure you can see where this story is going, but that night inspired by our new spaniard friends we decided to try it out 😂 bad decision... hahaha it feels so freaking weird, yes it is a little bit cooler and it felt good for like the first day but then as soon as the hair starts growing back in it turned super itcy and annoying haha. Its alright though we tried it out and embraced the culture a little more... 😂

The rest of the week has also been pretty crazy. We met with this guy from Columbia who was completely nuts. He was part of a pirate gang in Columbia. He was just going off for like an hour about how he travelled all around south america with this gang that killed soccer referees. Pretty crazy stories.. we didn't really ever get the chance to say much cause he's one of those people who just likes to talk and talk and talk haha. It was kind of entertaining to listen to though. In our area book he was an old investigator and it said that he was a very religious person and everything. First thing he says when we sit down- "I am 100% against all religion, it is the great lie of the world." He went off about how Christ and Mary aren't even real and a whole bunch of other things. He named his kids Jesus Christ and Virgen Mary just to prove a point to his mom that the names aren't sacred. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my mission so far. Its always interesting to learn about all the crazy beliefs and ways of thinking. Anyways yeah so that was pretty cool. 

Another day this week we went out with one of the 17 year olds in the branch, Gabriel. He's working on his mission papers right now. The plan was just to pass by a bunch of addresses of members and old investigators with him and also go and teach Godwin the guy from Nigeria we met a few weeks ago. He said we could come over at 5 but he lives about an hour walk from us so we left at 4 and walked in the heat of the day. When we got there no one was home and he hasn't answered his phone since so thats kind of weird.. We continued on though and went by 12 other houses. Not a single one answered and there was no one in the street cause it was mediodía. We felt bad that we didn't really get any opportunities to talk to people or teach having Gabriel with us but it was fun talking to him about the mission. 

Our branch president took over the role of branch mission leader this week cause the other one we had just wasn't doing anything. So we had our first meeting with him this week. It was really cool, he talked about different things they did in his mission to get the members involved in the work. He wants us to base our efforts for the next couple of weeks solely on working with the members. He stressed on how we are called to teach. Not to find, friendship, retain recent converts and all of that. He said alot of time the people here mix that up they think "oh missionary work is only for the missionaries." When really its not. Every member is a missionary. Our job as full time missionaries is to help the members to bring their friends and families the gospel. They are the finders and friends, our calling is to teach. He said, yes when you aren't busy teaching then you should be out finding service and talking to people but that shouldn't be your main focus. So basically the new mission plan for the branch is to go visit all of the members and pass that message along. Show them how easy it is for them to share the gospel with others and gain their confidence as teachers. Should be good, we'll have to see how it goes..
This week here in Badajoz is the 2nd largest Gay festival in Spain. So thats a little bit crazy. There are literally rainbow flags everywhere. On every single store and like half the peoples balconies! It just started yesterday and we have already been hit on by two gay guys so that was weird.. haha this weeks gonna be interesting...

For our morning exercise this week we found this T25 workout video. Its a 25 minute workout but it freaking kills you haha. We were like oh perfect that can't be to bad so we decided to try it. By the end we were like dead on the ground and my calves and bum have been sore for the past 2 days 😂😂

Last of all Real Madrid won the champions league Saturday night. As we were walking back to piso all the sudden the whole city just freaked out. Everyone was honking kids are just sprinting up and down the roads yelling and fireworks were just going off everywhere. It was pretty crazy haha soccer is life here. 

Anyways thats about all for the week, were going to go play soccer for a bit then I'll be back to write some more :)
Love you all! 

- Elder Childers 

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