Tuesday, July 4, 2017

May 29, 2017 Vicente

Well hello everyone, 
Its been a pretty long and full week. First off we had zone conference in Sevilla that was a really long day. Left our piso at 6 AM and didn't get home till 10:45 PM. Super long day of meetings and bus rides. Then the next two days we had intercambios with the other elders here in Badajoz. I spent the whole afternoon with Elder Moore and not a single person we passed by answered the door. It was a long afternoon haha but it was good. 

Oh yeah funny story about Elder Moore, so he decided to buy a guitar last monday and tried to take out 650 euros from an ATM to buy it which of course instantly just froze his card. Later on in the afternoon though he figured out that it would let him take out 20 euros at a time. So he ends up doing that 20 times, gets 500 euros and goes and spends it all that afternoon. He's content though and I've enjoyed playing it haha 

We also had a pretty interesting street contact this week. The guys name was Vicente. The second crazy Vicente we've made contact with this week, ill talk about the first one after. So first of all it was pretty normal he's just asking us what we do as missionaries and how old we are and whatnot. Then as soon as we bring up Jesus Christ he just goes off. Apparently this guy is on level 23 of the illuminati, which is apparently higher than the level christ made it to....? Oh yeah and he also explained how he is planning on being mummitized like the Egyptian pharos. Which he explained to us are still alive, they are just in a special deep sleep. He said in 30 years he will wake back up and I quote in his own words "levanto incendio el móvil y vamos a fumar algo" (wake up, turn on the phone and we all go smoke somethin.) at that point I just started dying laughing. He just grins with a straight face and says see ya later my friends. It was awesome. 

So for the first one, he's this guy I met my first week here in their street. So we call him the other day and he rejects it. A few minutes later he sends us a text that says "Right now I can't talk, my mother is crazy and is thinking of locking me up" so I just text back and say like no worries just call us when you can haha he replies a few minutes later.. " If they end up locking me up I will most likely be in the infantil psychiatric center, if I don't send a signal within the next two days bust in throwing punches and we out." 
Yeah so that was interesting too, the people in this country are a little crazy. I think it's because of all the drugs and alcoholism..

Anyways yeah we were gone or in the other elders area almost all of this week so we didn't find a whole lot of new people. We were able to teach Pedro twice though, he's the guy who got baptized the week before I got here. That was good cause he's like the busiest guy ever and hasn't been able to meet at all. 

Yesterday night we did a little ward missionary activity. We basically just went over the area plan of Europe and helped them set goals to complete it. Later on we showed them how easy it is to share the gospel through social media and helped them to link the church videos and other quotes they liked to their social media threads. It was pretty fun we had a good turnout like 13 people came!

Other than that nothin much, it reached 97 degrees this week. Really hot haha I've never wanted to go jump in a lake so bad. Today we are just here in the church playing ping pong with the he branch president. Instead of basketball gyms here in Spain every church just has a ping pong table to set up in the sacrament room 😂

Well love you guys, until next week ✌🏽

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