Monday, September 18, 2017

Sept 4, 2017 Moses


Hey guys,
Well not a ton of crazy stuff has happened this week. The biggest thing is that the zones in our mission got reorganized because the two wards in Cartagena got combined into one and also the 2 wards in our zone Sevilla they did the same. So to adjust for that they got rid of one zone in Sevilla and one zone in Malaga then combined the leftover parts of each and made a new zone in Córdoba. So that's kinda crazy, but didn't really have an effect on our area since we are still part of Sevilla. 
Since this past Sunday was stake conference we were supposed to get a ride down to Sevilla for it with a member but the night before they called and said they weren't going anymore. So since no other members from the branch were going we had to call the office and try to get bus tickets and everything it was a big mess. Since its the weekend there were no busses that would make it in time. The stake president told the ZLs that they would not broadcast it cause apparently they had given each branch money to rent busses for the members to go down.. so yeah it was weird cause no one in the branch presidency seemed to know anything about it. So I end up Saturday night at 10:30 on the phone with the office and president and they are looking at buying us plane tickets out of Badajoz to Barcelona then down to Sevilla just so we could make it in time for the special missionary meeting in the morning. Finally we just decided it would be best to Skype in on the morning meeting then miss the stake conference. It was crazy thought I was this close --> 👌🏾 to getting to visit Barcelona haha. Anyways yeah this past transfer of training has flown by. Its crazy that at the end of this next transfer I will have been here in Badajoz for 6 months already! The time is starting to fly by.

Today we had a really cool p-day. We took a bus over to Mérida which is about an hour from Badajoz. It used to be the capitol of the Roman Empire so there are some pretty cool ruins there. We got to see first of all the castle at the entrance of he city. That is situated right on the banks of the river. Crossing the river is the longest bridge of its time period in the year 25, yes that is actually 25 haha pretty old. The bridge is 800 meters long! Right after that we headed up to another area were these awesome tile floor murals had been made by laying tons of tiny little pebbles of varying colors. It looked like some seriously tedious work but they were impressive! After that we went and saw the arena were the gladiators used to fight that was pretty cool. Ajoint the arena there is a huge theatre where they still perform shows today! The way they built it has such good acoustics that you can hear everything on the stage clearly from anywhere in the stands with no microphones! Last of all we went up and saw the track were they used to do chariot racing, it wasn't too special because it wasn't preserved too well but it was kinda cool how everything about the races had some type of symbolism to do with time and creation. Then we saw this church that was kinda creepy cause underneath there was a catacomb type crypt where a bunch of tombs used to be of some martyrs but they took out all the bodies it was kinda creepy but yeah I took lots of pictures so enjoy! Afterward since we were all the way out in Merida we passed my this less active guy named Moses. He's from Nigeria and is a super home, we shared a short message with him and it was a good time. He speaks English but it was sooo hard to understand haha the accent was really different from our clear American accent haha. Well yeah that's about it.

Love y'all, the best of weeks! 😘

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