Monday, September 25, 2017

Sept 25, 2017 Residency


Well this week was really weird because I was gone for like half of it
but here's the main points.

So Tuesday morning we had zone meeting in Sevilla which was really
good except for having to leave piso at 5 to get there on time. It was
really long cause all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders
each gave their own separate workshops. Which were all really good
just took quite a while haha. Afterwards was good though, we got a
little taste of America with Costco pizzas!!

So after the conference I had to hurry on over to the train station to
catch my train to Malaga which I jumped on with like 30 seconds to
spare! Basically as soon as I sat down I was out so I got a nice
little nap for about half the trip. When I got there we still had
about an hour of pros time so we just went out and contacted people in
the city. We met a pretty cool guy who took the Book of Mormon and is
going to meet with them this week. Residency was good all I did was go
sit down in a chair sign one paper scan my left and right pointer
finger then give them a passport picture. Kinda funny we have to make
14 hours of bus trips for that.

The bus ride back was kinda crazy. There were three guys in the back
that were smoking the whole way which was really annoying. Its
technically not allowed but since 95% of the population smokes no one
besides me really cared haha. I did sit next to this girl who was
originally from Korea but had been studying in England for the past 5
years so she spoke pretty good english. It was pretty cool she has
seen missionaries on her campus but hasn't talked to them before so
she promised me next time she sees them she will say hi.
Today there is a national police exhibition thing going on so we got
to go see that. It was pretty cool, got to talk to a police helicopter
pilot and see an Audi R8.

Nothing much else going on, tomorrow is my comps birthday so we are
excited for that haha gonna go get some more ice cream.
Well yeah excited for general conference too!
Have a great week love ya'll!

- Elder Childers

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