Monday, September 18, 2017

Sept 11, 2017 Pedro Passed

This week was crazy. 

Well most weeks in the mission are but this one was super crazy. First of all it was transfer week and since my comp and I aren't moving we were in charge of helping everyone else move. The elders from Cáceres had to come down and stay in our piso for 2 days so that was fun but also not cause they ate every little last bit of food we had. So that was kinda a bummer... but its all good. 

The worst part of the week was Pedro. He was our new investigator we found about three weeks ago. This past week he felt pretty sick again so they decided to take him to the hospital. So a few days ago we decide to just pass by his piso to see how he and his family are doing turns out he died. Yeah so that was a really sad day. Hopefully we were able to prepare him well enough to accept the message in the spirit world. 
Anyways thats about all of the noteworthy stuff that happened this week. Elder Holland comes this Saturday so we are all pretty excited for that!
Well I'll write more next week to let ya'll know how the conference goes. 

Much Love 💙

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