Monday, October 2, 2017

Oct 2, 2017 Mes de Miedo

Well we made it to October, and another good week.
Started off on tuesday we had Elder Cobbleys birthday so we got some food and ice cream at the Irish Pub right under our piso. Its become a little birthday tradition here in badajoz haha. 

We finally got another cita set up with Godwin the nigerian guy we had been teaching and I talked to him that morning to confirm it but when we showed up he wasn't home again. We are probably going to have to drop him because he lives so far away and we lose a lot of time walking all the way out there when he always fails our appointments. 

On thursday we went to Sevilla again. Yeah I know always seems like we are going there haha almost every week. Anyways we had interviews with president which was good. He just asked what we learned from the Holland Conference and recommended I start studying the New Testament alongside the Book of Mormon. So now I am splitting my personal study time up studying both with the institute manuals which provide some really great insights. 

After interviews we hadn't had lunch yet and Elder Van Moose has a bus card with a miraculous amount of money on it, and there's a Costco in Seville...🤔...😮...😎. We bussed ourselves on over to that little slice of America in bulk, stormed right up to that food counter, and I ordered myself a chicken basket (Yeah. They have a chicken basket.), and that old familiar Kirtland Signature Brand slice of pizza refillable soft drink included--all costing me about 5€ in a country where 5€ at a restaurant will normally get you a non-refillable, 250 ml bottle of juice and a piece of toast. Gosh I love my country! Probs the most satisfying lunch I've bought here."

Friday was pretty interesting. We decided to leave all of our valuables in piso and go to the kind of sketchy poorer part of our area. It was pretty crazy. We thought that the people would be a little bit more humble and nicer but it was pretty much the same. We also saw some crazy stuff. One thing that was weird was we saw one of those metal x things that they tie horses to and make them walk in circles to exercise them or something. Anyways we saw one of those but with greyhound dogs tied to it and a gypsy man out there cracking a whip to make them go around. I guess thats one way to walk your dogs.....

Last of all General Conference was really good. We had a cool but also disappointing thing happen. A random couple came walking in during it and sat down by us. The guy leaned over and asked if it was the Evangelical church so I explained it wasn't but that it was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I told them they were welcome to stay and watch so they did. It was really awesome because he looked at his wife and said "Phones". They both turned off their phones and watched really attentively. This is the disappointing part. All of the members there were super irreverent and not a single one even said hello to them! They kept taking calls, texting or doing other stuff on their phones. Then on top of that, these visitors were sitting right by the door and multiple people came in looked at them for a second then just walked over and found a seat. I was feeling so frustrated. They ended up leaving about two talks before the end so I chased them out onto the street and tried to give them a Book of Mormon but the guy refused. He said a lot of the conference was good but he just has some contrasting beliefs. I tried my best to at least get their contact info but he just wasn't having it.. 
I was so disappointed about how the members had acted but it was good because I promised myself that I will always be attentive to reach out to visitors at church and not allow technology to be a distraction in church meetings. 

Hope you all enjoyed conference, have a great week! 
Elder Childers

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