Monday, February 20, 2017

Jan 30, 2017 Worldwide Missionary Conference

Hi everyone,
Well its been kind of a weird week. We had our tri-zone conference and the worldwide conference on Tuesday in Murcia, about an hour from here.  The zone conference was cool. Before everyone was asked to prepare a 5 minute talk on the baptism of Christ. Then as they announced the program order they randomly selected 4 missionaries to give theirs. They were all pretty good. I wasn't selected but it was still good practice to prepare a talk in Spanish and it was interesting to study about the topic. 

After the tri-zone conference we split off into our individual zones for a short 1 hour zone meeting. This time it wasn't like zone meetings usually are though. We just all discussed and set our baptism goal for the month.

Finally we had lunch, a member from Murcia made three gigantic paella pans. It was super good! We all sang the mission hymn together then had some time to talk and wait for the worldwide missionary conference to begin. 

The conference was pretty cool. They did it in kind of an interesting way. They had it as if it was just the missionary counsel in one of their weekly meetings. Then they filmed it as if we were sitting in the conference room with them. It was kind of a question answer thing between the different members of the council. At the very end they announced what we had all been waiting for. The changes to the mission rules! Well there's only two but they are pretty nice. First of all they reduced the number of key indicators we have to report each week from 9 to 4. The other change is in our schedule. It is still basically all the same stuff every day but we get to decide the order. I'll send what ours is as of now. The schedule in Spain is kind of weird just because the culture here they have a medio día time. From 2-5 where everyone goes home eats lunch (their largest meal of the day) then naps before returning to work/school. Anyways so our new schedule has already been changed twice in the 5 days we've had it. It is really nice to have a little bit of agency though. Oh yeah and the best part  is that P-day starts at 8:30 now two hours earlier than before!

The rest of the week was pretty good. My comp is the district leader again so we do intercambios with the zone leaders and with all the other elders in our district. Thursday and Friday we had them and it was good. Thursday night I was working with Elder Salazar, he's a native from Ecuador. We decided to try passing by Santi, our investigator who has kind of just disappeared for like 4 weeks. He was home! It was cool we had a really good lesson and his mom sat and listened in! 

Okay so it has been about 10 weeks since Dianna Palomino put her mission papers in. It was super weird we didn't know why it was talking so long. On Sunday the stake president finally received a letter from the first presidency. They said "We thank Sister Palomino for her willingness to serve. Humbly we excuse her from service as a full time missionary. We hope that her church leaders will find other meaningful ways she can serve." 
At first she was really disappointed and sad about it but then she realized there really is a lot she can do here. She has lots of family members who need strengthening and she is going to begin teaching seminary.

Well I hope everyone has had a great week!! Love you and praying for you all as always!

-Elder Childers 💙

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