Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Madre Mia!!

Okay so this week has been crazy haha every week is but this one was like really crazy. So right after I emailed you guys last week the bishop in cartagena asked us to go visit this guy in the ward. The reason: he had sent a pornographic video to the ward group message.... Haha this guy was seriously nuts. Right before we walk in my comp tells me dude don't touch anything you might get sick. Immediately when we open the door this horrible stench of wet dog/smoke/ I don't even know what fills the air. Anyways so I tried to hold my breath for like an hour while Elder Hammond went through his phone and deleted all the porn hahah  he kept trying to tell us someone steals his phone and puts the porn on there to try to frame him. Finally we convinced him its better to just tell the truth and go talk to the bishop. But yeah this guy was crazy! He has a dog probably 8 years old and he has never given it a bath or had its hair cut, it was nasty. Oh and halfway through our lesson the dog was just yipping nonstop so he gets up, grabs a flipper and starts beating the dog with it. It was so sad and I felt so bad for the poor dog. Then he had this red heart light nailed on the shelf and he had written Madre Mia on it. When we asked him why it said that he yells "MADRE MIA!!! Why does everyone always ask that?"  Hence the subject line of this email.. Needless to say it was quite an interesting experience. 

So then as if our trip to Cartagena hadn't been crazy enough the next morning we get on the bus back to Mazarron and the whole entire bus ride, with a full bus full of people the people in the seat next to us were making out intensely the whole ride like it was nobody's business. It was disgusting haha I wanted to throw up. Its so weird there's no such thing as PDA here. Actually there is no such thing as PDAnything here, the other day we are walking down the street and this guy just whips his you know what out an starts peeing all over the sidewalk.. And everybody just walks around him like its a normal thing. Haha i was just like dumbfounded, like did I really just see that!? My companion thought it was hilarious.  

Okay so last crazy story of the week, the other day we are in a recent converts shop just talking to her and suddenly a drunk guy comes in starts yelling at us and calling my comp gay and all sorts of bad stuff. I couldn't really understand what he was saying because his speech was slurred and he was like yelling but he kept getting right up to my face and yelling stuff about Jesus and the church. It was scary we had no where to go because we were like in the front corner of the store. I wanted so badly to just punch this guy in the gut and run haha but I had to just keep telling myself "I'm a missionary, I'm a missionary, there's lots of good people watching me right now" haha. It was so hard but I just stayed silent and let him finish. Then he ran over to the fridge stole a can of beer and left. It was a crazy experience. This whole week has been crazy.

Anyways so we have been sharing lots of stuff from the recent conference talks with our investigators and recent converts. Personally I really like the talk "The Lord Teaches us to Pray". With the story about Machu Pichu. It really made me think about my prayers, I am definitely guilty of having repetitious prayers, especially now in spanish because I just get used to repeating the phrases I know. So this past week I have been trying to really make my prayers personal, a conversation with heavenly father like they should be. I would like to challenge all of you to do the same, I already have noticed a huge difference in the meaning of my prayers and its been awesome. 

After re-reading most of the conference talks from a few weeks ago I realized I love them so much I decided I am going to read every single conference talk since the October 1997 session, the first session I was alive for! haha Anyway, there are around 630 so If I read one every day I should be able to finish by the end of my mission plus I only started yesterday and I've already read the first 4. It was cool as I started reading the first talk last night, Drawing nearer to the Lord, by Gordon B Hinkley. It was interesting. As I read it, suddenly I realized in my head I could hear President Hinkley's voice as if he himself were giving the talk. Pretty cool that I could still remember his voice that vividly.

So I challenge you all to look back on some conference talks, I know you guys are busy but maybe set aside some time each Sunday to pick one talk to read each week or something. 

Oh also I thought i should let you know my pushups are paying off. Today we had a district arm wrestling contest and I went undefeated! haha it was tight 

Well anyways I love you all so much! Thanks for your support and prayers!!

Love, Elder Childers

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