Monday, November 14, 2016

Crazy Castle and Transfer Time

Hello everyone! 
Well not a whole lot has happened this week. We had a zone conference on Thursday in Cartagena. We got to watch the new christmas video the church made this year and it is soo awesome! It doesn't come out till the 25th of November so ya'll are going to have to wait a bit to watch it but yeah its sweet! 
I've still been reading a conference talk every day and earlier this week I learned something kind of cool. Joseph B. Wirthlin talked about how in the English language our most common farewell is the word "good-bye" this came to us over the years as an abbreviation of the expression "God be with you." I thought it was crazy that I never even knew that. I also realized that in Spanish the most common word is "A-dios." When translated that means "To-God." Anyways I just thought that was kind of cool. 

This week I finally got my comp to get up every morning and go running with me. We found some really cool houses carved out of rocks and a cool castle up in the mountains. When we looked over into the castle it was like an endless hole. When I threw a rock into it, it took like 6 or 7 seconds to hit the bottom!! I was telling Cielo the lady from my english class about it and she said it is an entrance to a really old mine. Her friend here is a geologist and knows a ton of stuff about all the old mines here. Apparently there are tunnels under a lot of Mazarrón. During the civil war here the people used them as bomb shelters! Interesting! 

Anyways this morning we got the call from our zone leaders and I am being transferred! I will be going to Elche not to far from here and my new comp will be Elder Llavina. The name doesn't sound like it but he's American. He was comps with Elder Hammond and he liked him a lot so it should be good. I head there Wednesday morning at 11. Unfortunately Elder Hammond got transferred too, to like the other side of the mission, so we probably wont be seeing each other for a while. Tonight we are going to stay with them one last time since we have our last district meeting tomorrow. Were gonna make crepes one more time and say our goodbyes so that'll be good. Hopefully I'll get to see him again before he goes home!

Well thats pretty much all thats happened this week, we got to meet with Angel once and Antonio finally called us yesterday wanting to meet to try to stop smoking again. I really hope he'll be able to get over it! 
Thanks for all of your support and prayers! 

 Elder Childers 

 P.S. this is the link to the icloud photoshare. I'll be putting all of my photos on there because it is a lot easier that way then emailing them a few at a time.  If you cant figure out to subscribe just shoot me an email and ill add you from my end :)

iCloud Photo Sharing

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