Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stake Conference in an Opera House

Wow this week flew by. We are always traveling haha since my comp and I are out here alone in Mazzaron we have to bus to Cartagena every week at least once for meetings. 

Anyways so this week Elder Hammond's comp had to travel to Malaga to renew his residency so he came here to Mazzaron to stay the night with us. It was super fun we taught the english classes and since there were 3 of us we were able to do 3 different levels of classes this week which was much needed. After the english classes we went to the piso and decided to try making crepes, we made a huge mess but they turned out really good we tripled the recipe and ate all of them in one sitting hahaha

Thursday morning we headed back to Cartegena with Elder Hammond. Since President came into town for our stake conference this week he decided to have interviews with all the missionaries here. So we had our interviews on Friday. It was great I could feel the spirit so strongly as we talked, he helped answer all of my questions and gave me some great advice. He's an amazing man I love him.

So then friday afternoon the stake president's son was getting married so we got invited to the wedding. Its interesting here because you have to get married like the traditional way before you are allowed to go get married in the temple. So we got to go to the wedding it was really cool. It was weird though because like in the middle of the wedding ceremony people in the audience would just like randomly yell out random stuff and everyone would cheer hahah but anyways it was fun.

Saturday morning we went to visit a guy in the ward with the elders we were staying with (Hammond and Nye) haha they're both so cool. Anyways this guy lived in the coolest place ever its like right next to a huge ruins of a castle and an amphitheater. Thats where the pictures of the whole port and city were taken it was a pretty sweet spot. 

So then saturday night the first session of the stake conference started. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, this stake conference was special because a new stake president was called. But yeah it was weird because like less people than my ward at home showed up for the saturday night session. The stake boundary is so huge since there are so few members that some people had to drive for hours to get to the church in cartagena. Anyways the meeting was great, it was cool because our extension presidents wife was asked to get up and bear her testimony and she talked about Antonio and how his whole family was baptized and how awesome it was to see all the members be super inviting and loving to them in the branch. 

After the meeting we were all starving and I think Elder Nye was sad he missed out on the crepe party the first night so we decided to make them again haha. So we got back to the piso and realize we have like none of the ingredients and that they dont even have measuring cups. So we gather up all our spare change and Elder Hammond and I head to the Chino store, Chino stores are basically like dollar stores they are all run by Chinese people and they are like little sketchy stores all over, haha anyways so we go to the store and all the lights are off except the one at the counter. We were confused because the store said open until midnight on the window so we go to the counter and ask the lady if they have measuring cups. She points to the back of the store and hands us literally the crappiest flashlight I have ever seen in my life haha so were like wandering around this big store in the pitch black trying to find measuring cups with this trashy little flashlight. We looked for about 10 minutes and couldn't find anything except for this weird pitcher looking thing that looked like it belonged in a science lab haha but it had measurements in cubic centimeters on it which we have on our conversion app so we just gave up and bought that. So anyways we got back and made the batter in a pot since they didn't have any bowls then mixed it up with this weird blender stick thing we found in the closet. Haha it was crazy but we made it work and they turned out really good. We decided to make it a tradition every time we go to cartagena so were gonna be making crepes alot lol but thanks for the recipe dad everybody loves them! 

Anyways so yesterday we had stake conference and since all the chapels in spain are tiny they rented out an opera theater for it. It was so weird to go in there sit in movie theater seats and listen to the talks. Especially because there was no pulpet just a microphone haha I felt like I was back at an EFY devotional. But anyways it was super awesome and even though i could only understand like two thirds of what was being said I could feel the spirit super strong as each of the new members of the stake presidency spoke and bore their testimonies. 

So after conference we hitched a ride back to Mazzaron with some members in our branch. And now were just here for the day making brownies with the extension presidents family and emailing, then later today at 8 we will catch the bus back to cartagena for district meetings and a soccer game with some guys in their ward tomorrow haha like I said we are always on the move! But at least this time we get to stay for soccer I'm stoked for that! 

Well I love you all I hope things are going great back home! Thanks for all your letters! 

Elder Childers ✌🏾️

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