Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wheels Up!

Hey guys!!

Wow, everything has been so crazy here this week. It’s unbelievable that I’ll be in the field in 4 days! I feel like its been forever sometimes, but others I feel like it's only been a week. I’m super stoked to get out into the field but also really really nervous! Please pray that I will get a good trainer!

Other than that nothing much new has happened here. I received both packages on Monday. My district thanks you for the beef jerkey, haha, I gave everyone a couple of pieces. My feet feel 1 million times better with the insoles. Thank you so much!!

Oh yeah, we figured out why the food has been so terrible. Apparently the head cook left on vacation a week before we got here and is returning one day before we leave. Like what in the world is this???? Hahaha, my luck. It’s whatever! I can’t wait to finally cook some of my own food!

We are all just super excited for general conference!! It’s weird here because of the time difference, we will watch the night session the next morning and it will all be off by a half a day.

Oh, one of our teachers is from the coolest city ever.  Look up Cuenca Spain. It’s known for its ¨hanging houses”. They are houses that they build off the side of cliffs. Man! Anyways, its super awesome--look it up.

We just went through the temple again today. Sadly, it was my last time for two years Pretty crazy. I love the temple here so much. It is so beautiful. I’m jealous of the Madrid missionaries--they get to go through every six months.

Thanks for all your letters and prayers.

Elder Alejandro Childers

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