Monday, January 16, 2017

Jan 2, 2017 Feliz Año Nuevo

Happy New Year! 

Well this week has been crazy, I honestly don't think there's such thing as a "normal week" in the mission. Stuff is always changing and weird things are always happening. 

This week especially was crazy though Tuesday we had the tri-zone Christmas conference with a talent show and everything. My district did a life nativity and I was baby Jesus haha. Then Wednesday was transfers! Elder Llavina finished his mission and went home. It was super sad to have to say goodbye to him. He had become like my brother and my best friend in the mission. So he left at 9 in the morning and my new comp was coming from the other side of the country and wouldn't be here till 8 that night so I got to stick around with the other elders all day. Anyways so the first few days with my new comp were rough, it was crazy having to take all the calls with my mediocre Spanish and teaching him everything about the area was tough! Especially since I've only been here 6 weeks myself! Things are starting so smooth out now and go well, luckily since Elder Llavina served here for 7 months he had lots of good member friends and families he introduced me to that I have as help now 👍🏾 New Years yesterday was also super fun. We had a little fiesta at the Palominos then at midnight there is a tradition here in Spain where you eat a grape on every ding of the clock tower and make a wish, it's actually kind of challenging but fun haha 
Anyways I hope everyone had a good New Years and made some good goals for the upcoming year! 
Favorite talk of the week: Agency and Anger, Lynn G. Robbins April 1998
Love you guys!

Elder Childers 💙🎉

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