Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rain go away come back another day!

So it's been raining here like the past 3 days on and off not really that hard but one thing I've learned about Spain is everyone is a bunch of wusses when it comes to rain. Like literally if it's just barely drizzling the streets are empty, the shops all close and if it's a Sunday nobody shows up to church. Anyways so today is the funniest thing, it's raining like a normal storm in Idaho no big deal and they canceled all of school and even the universities. However a city in our zone Orehuela has been having huge floods, like cars and trucks floating down the streets, I'll try to send the video I got from one of the members. For pday we went to Alicante to climb the castle it was pretty fun. This cool guy Joseph who comes to English class every week always wants to hangout with us so we invited him today and he came! He lived in Arizona for like a year with his cousin so he knows like perfect English. He isn't really interested in the gospel but he loves the english classes and he loves the missionaries, hopefully one day!

Other than that this week we had intercambios with the zone leaders this week in Alicante on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was cool because the first cita we went to at the end I asked this family if they would get baptized and they said yes!  Then Jessika called us that night, super excited and said she finished the Book of Mormon. My comp buys all of his converts a pair of nice scriptures after they are baptized so we ordered some for Jesika and we are hoping they will get here by Christmas. Thursday we got a big package from Elder Llavinas mom with matching Christmas outfits so we got to wear those for our ward party and we are going to wear them to the Christmas tri- zone conference, which was supposed to be tomorrow but got rescheduled to the 27th because of the rain lol oh yeah ward parties here are crazy! Of course they had a tv up on the stand with the fútbol game going haha then after the dinner they brought in these huge speakers to have a big dance party that apparently went till 3 AM it was a bummer we had to be back at piso by 11 cause we missed out on the talent show and the dancing since the dinner started. 
Just really excited for Christmas but also nervous to get my new companion! 
Love you all, I hope all is going well there and you're enjoying the snow and the Christmas season with your families. I send my love from Spain 💙

Elder Childers 

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